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 Friday 2/2/2024   |   3:30 PM   |   Rockefeller 106 Class of 1930 Room


Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Rutgers University

Susanna Schellenberg works on a range of topics in philosophy of mind, epistemology, AI, and neuroscience, including perception, mental representation, consciousness, evidence, knowledge, capacities, and imagination. 

Talk Title: Subjective perspectives and self-representation

Abstract: When an individual navigates her environment as a philosophy professor, her perspective is different than when she does so as a parent or a mountaineer. Her preferences are different, what evidence she pays attention to shifts, and which of her many beliefs are relevant changes. This paper explores the role of self-representation in our perspectives. I argue that how an individual represents herself is a critical part of her perspective. I argue moreover that how she represents herself can shift from moment to moment thus entailing shifts in her perspective. If this is right, then contra orthodoxy, a perspective is not a fixed point in intellectual space that changes only slowly over time. I show how including self-representation in AI systems can solve a host of open problems.

The event is sponsored by the Dartmouth Society of Fellows, the Department of Philosophy, and the Cognitive Science Program.

The poster for Susanna Schellenberg's talk titled "Subjective perspectives and Self-represetations," feauring a picture of Susanna Schellenberg, a white women with blonde hair, looking directly into the camera.
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