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I was actively involved in Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) throughout grad school and served as a chapter head for MAP-Penn for three years. In my capacity as MAP organizer, I ran reading groups, organized four conferences, and lauched a visiting speaker series. I also created and ran a digital platform for the Penn philosophy community to share ideas on how to diversity syllabi and course content. In addition, I served as a website creator and organizational consultant for the 6th Latinx Philosophy Conference (Temple University) which, though not officially a MAP event, fell within the scope of MAP.


I regularly mentor first-generation, low-income, and international students, both officially and unofficially. For example, I was a STAMP (Step-Ahead Mentorship Program) mentor for three semesters. 


At Penn, I served as a graduate representative for the philosophy department and as a graduate student office hours coordinator. I also served as a graduate student Wellness representative for two years (in fact, I created the position). In my capacity as Wellness rep, I organized venting meetings (also known as"Whine and Cheese nights"), Art Museum trips, Park picnics and other events, and kept our department "Wellness Locker" stocked. I also organized the Penn Philosophy & Film series for two years.


Lately, I've been thinking more about disability inclusion and accessibility. In addition to the two MAP-Penn conferences focusing on the philosophy of disability, I also organized a teaching workshop on disability inclusion and accessibility in 2022.

Events Organized

A poster for a talk by Polaris Koi.
A poster for a conference on climate justice.
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MAP-Penn POSTER-3.jpg
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A poster for the Penn Philosophy & Film series (2017-2018)
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