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5/2/2024   |  Time and Room TBA

Kathleen Akins

Professor of Philosophy, Simon Fraser University

Kathleen Akins is a James S. McDonnell Centennial Fellow in Philosophy of Science and a Burnaby Mountain Endowed Research Professor at Simon Fraser University in Canada. Her primary research areas are neurophilosophy and philosophy of mind, and she is famous for three groundbreaking articles: “Of Sensory Systems and the "Aboutness" of Mental States” (1996), “A bat without qualities” (1993) and “What is it like to be boring and myopic” (1993). She is also an important figure in empirically guided philosophy of color, and is currently working on issues related to synesthesia, the development of color perception in children, and color phenomenology. Professor Akins’ personal website can be found here.

The talk is sponsored by the Society of Fellows, the Leslie Center for the Humanities, The Department of Philosophy and the Cognitive Science Program.

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