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Chromatic Dungeon Illusion

After Akiyoshi Kitaoka

An illustration of the "Chromatic Dungeon" Visual Illusion with two stars that appear differently colored.

Watercolor Effect

After Baingio Pinna. This figure is published hereWant to learn more about the watercolor effect? Check out this very nice student project by Doulton-Lee Ho, Jake Freedman, Haichen Rong and Alexander Gerlach!

An illustration of the so-called "watercolor effect" in which the color of a inne boundary line seems to spread to cover the enclosed areas.

Simultaneous Contrast Effect

An illustration of simultaneous color contrast effect. Physically identical icons appear differently colored against differently colored backgrounds.
An illustration of simultaneous color contrast effect. The letters C, O, L, O and R appear differently colored even though physically identical.

After Akiyoshi Kitaoka. This figure is published here.

A GIF illustarting the simultaneous color contrast effect. A cat and a butterfly appear grey against a white background and pinkish against a cyan background.

Color Constancy

Blue Background


The Illusions Index by the Center for the Study of Perceptual Experience at the University of Glasgow

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Michael Bach's 148 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena

Olafur Eliasson on how his light installation at the National Gallery changes perceptions—in more ways than one

Op Art (Tate)

Blue to Cream Gradient


Apparently even just looking at pictures of "green spaces" might help you recover from stress.

Try it out!

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