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Pedagogical Training



— Certificate in College and University Teaching, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

— 120-hour TEFL Diploma, Bridge TEFL (USA), 2011

Workshops, Dartmouth College

— Dartmouth Designs To Teach the Whole Student (Lillian Nave), 12/2023 

— Balancing Structure and Flexibility in Your Course (Carly Lesoski), 8/2023


Workshops, University of Pennsylvania

— Inclusive & Equitable Teaching Mini Course (5 sessions) (Sebastian Dilones), Spring 2023

— Designing for Disability: Pedagogical Practices That Support Disabled Folks, (and Everyone Else) (Cait Kirby), 8/2022

— Inclusive Teaching Strategies: Supporting Students with Disabilities (Aaron Spector), 8/2022

— Mentor Training Workshop (Jamiella Brooks & Emily Elliot), 10/2020

— Effective Lecturing (Daniel Singer), 4/2019

— Wellness Advising in Difficult Spaces (Lisa Miracchi Titus), 3/2019

— Using Office Hours Effectively (Errol Lord), 11/2018

— Designing and Teaching an Online Course (Susan Sauvé Meyer), 11/2018

— Teaching Philosophy to Pre-College Students (Karen Detlefsen), 10/2018

— Giving Effective Feedback (Sherelle Ferguson), 10/2018

— Teaching Outside Your Area of Expertise (Ava Creemers), 10/2018

— Teaching to Non-Majors (Phoebe Askelson), 10/2018

— Establishing Relationships with Students (Elizabeth Bynum), 10/2018

— Making Group Works Work (Dana Cypress), 9/2018

— TA Training, 8/2018


Workshops, External

— CogTeacho Workshop, Cogtweeto and The American Association for Philosophy Teachers (AAPT), online, 8/2023        

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