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(from course evaluations)

“I have really improved my philosophical writing thanks to her help!” (What is Meaning?)


"In addition to the incredibly interesting subject matter, I feel that this class greatly improved my analytical thinking and philosophical writing skills!" (Philosophy & Visual Perception)


"Tiina was an excellent professor to instruct this course and is perhaps one of the best I have had at Penn!" (Philosophy & Visual Perception)

"This course was highly enjoyable! It is accessible to a beginner in philosophy and an appropriate level of challenging. Tiina was an engaging and devoted instructor who made the class all the better." (Philosophy & Visual Perception) 

“She gives very good essay feedback and I enjoyed learning from her.“ (What is Meaning?)


“The comments I get from her really help me do well in the class.” (Epistemology)

"Tiina was a superb professor this semester. She made very difficult philosophical concepts very easy to understand and I felt that she went out of her way to keep class engaging and exciting. She was readily available for office hours and was extremely helpful in talking through paper topics." (Philosophy & Visual Perception)


“I learned how to read and write philosophy, and I now plan on taking more philosophy classes for my major.” (Philosophy & Visual Perception) 


“In past philosophy recitations I have felt intimidated to participate in class, especially as a woman, but I never felt that way in recitation with her.” (What is Meaning?)

“My previous philosophy courses at Penn have had a challenging discussion environment, and Tiina was able to break through this. Seminar discussions were free-flowing and exceptionally interesting, yet smartly curtailed and guided by the instructor.” (Philosophy & Visual Perception)


“Loved it. Great time. Fostered healthy discussion and debate and stayed engaging.” (Philosophy & Visual Perception)


“Very productive discussions and activities!” (Eye, Mind, and Image)

“Tiina was very kind and very effective with how she taught course content.” (What is Meaning?)


“She is an excellent teacher - smart, engaging and genuinely cares about her students. She goes above and beyond to be available outside of class“ (What is Meaning?)


“Tiina- you are the best TA I have ever had. You are not intimidating to talk to and make yourself so accessible for the students.” (Epistemology)


“Tiina is very kind, and works INCREDIBLY hard.” (Epistemology)


“I highly appreciate the amount of work and patience Tiina had given the course. She

is accessible after class, and she is very communicative on the subject.” (Epistemology)


“Tiina was also a great TA, and very accessible.” (What is Meaning?​)


"Tiina was an outstanding TA. She was accessible and approachable.” (Eye, Mind, and Image)


“Really wonderful and friendly TA; it was a pleasure to work with her!” (Eye, Mind, and Image)


“She really cares about the students and helps understand difficult concepts.” (Logic & Formal Reasoning)


“The TA is extremely helpful and supportive. They were always available for questions and even made extra time for help when difficult work was ahead.” (Logic & Formal Reasoning)


“Tiina was super nice and helpful!” (Logic & Formal Reasoning)

“Tiina was a great TA who went the extra mile for her students. She was extremely accessible outside of class and always kept recitations engaging.” (Logic & Formal Reasoning)


“Very well-structured recitations.” (Epistemology)

“Tiina is super organized and communicates extremely well with her students. I really appreciated her clarity in teaching as well as in helping with assignments” (Epistemology)


“I appreciated her effort to make powerpoints and materials available for us to study with and how she helped clarify what was expected of us on assignments and exams.” (Eye, Mind, and Image)


“She was .... FANTASTIC could not ask for a better TA wish recitation was 2 hours instead of 1 was very helpful.” (Eye, Mind, and Image)

“Recitations also bolstered my understanding of the material greatly with helpful slides and practice exams.” (Logic & Formal Reasoning)

“The recitation was more helpful than lecture. Overall I think I learned more from Tiina than from the professor.” (Logic & Formal Reasoning)

“She is very accessible to help with other academic concerns.” (What is Meaning?) 


“The only reason I did well on this course was because of Tiina. She was a phenomenal TA and I genuinely could not imagine taking this course without her help. I can say with almost certainty that I would have failed.” (Eye, Mind, and Image)

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